The Fearsome Pig-Bug-Turtle Warriors!
As most creators I love to create my own characters and my own races of creatures that inhabits my worlds.
This is a co-creation where I drew some sketches and Texas took them to the first stage and I did the last finish and details to it.
The Pig-Bug-Turtle race is a small and aggressive race known for it´s warriors and constant urge for battle. They seem not to find peace or normal life as an option. What they lack in strength and size they gain on the sheer number that they use in their attacks as they seldom attack unless they are 6 to 1.

Since childhood I loved the Chinese/ Hong Kong action movies with historical themes. The clothing, the weapons and the mystical warriors where among my absolute favorites.
So, just before the weekend broke out we started to play around with these asian looking fellows. What do you think ? Hit or miss ? 
I think it is a good start (this is the work of Texas, my assistant).
Enjoy and hope you like them as much as we do.

Since early days, childhood days, I have been in love with Airplanes. Especially the crafts of the old early aviation days. I love the Wright flyer, the aircraft built by Louis Blériot, the beautiful lines of the Alphonse Pénaud and Victor Tatins planes.
Here is my homage to these great engineers and philosophers that made it possible.

Hopefully, one day, we can add this airplane to our game and let all of you fly  and enjoy the art of avaiation.
My buddy Texas did create the scene of the Gnomes and the machine. Thanks for the help Tex! : )
Hope all of you can enjoy this as much as we do.



It´s early morning here in Stockholm, and I am looking through old sketches. Found these monsters. 
I wont give away what they are, what they guard and where you will find them in the game. That would be a spoiler.
Still, hope you like them. : )
Sharp and long claws and lots of fangs. Pretty net don’t you think ?

The game world of L.O.D. that we have been working on for soon two years, will consist of many types of landscapes and environments.
This is just a sketch, some sort of general overview of different types of landscapes. I especially love the thought of going into thin air and live and mine on those floating rocks.
Hope you enjoy this.. and hope to meet you in one of our worlds in the future. It will be a pleasure.

.. and More sets of creatures and ghostly enemies to met in the world of L.O.D. As we all love the classic board games like the once from Games Workshop  and Privater Press we tend to go for bright colors and clearly identifiable logos and look.
The “blue skinned” Goblins are the storm-troops from the great Sky Goblin Empire and the Dwarfs are from the great “Moriandun Empire” in the north.

So.. who does NOT love frogmen ? 
At least we do! We Really love frogmen. Here is a bunch of them created by me and Texas (my great buddy, assistant and voxel-master).

Some letters and notes has pointed out that the arms and legs of our characters are to long, strange, weird or just stiff. That is true.
When we model these characters we model them in a very “stiff and straight” due to 2 factors. 

1) We are dealing with voxels here. Square blocks. It gets extra stiff.
2) This is the way to do it cause we are going to add a “skeleton” to the model and after that animation. This changes position of arms and legs.
The frogmen, for example, will fold the legs and sink down, a lot. They are frogmen and they will probably rather jump than walk. Still, that remains to see.

programmingfreedom asked:

is it possible to watch a stream of you making a voxel model ? :P would be interesting and keep up the good work XD

Hi “Programmingfreedom” ( great name ).
Yes I been thinking to put up a Youtube channel for a while or a Twitch channel. I enjoy myself to see the workflow of others. I think it is so benefiting to get into others work and process. So.. the answer is Yes. There will be such a stream / channel. I will create it as soon as I can .

Thanks for the support! 

/ Michael